Services Explained

We have a range of digital services tailored suilt your needs.

SEO is the most important part of any websites marketing strategy. We feel so strongly about this that we don’t offer any of our additional products until you sign up to our core SEO product. We believe SEO is the platform on which any long term successful internet business can work and our additional products are designed to simply complement our core SEO product.

So what is SEO? Put simply SEO is a process where using certain techniques you are able to move your site above other sites on the natural, non-paid for listings across the major Search Engines. Lots of people make SEO more complicated than it actually is…Let Appsolon SEO help your website!

If you have your own ideas and need viability testing, or if you want us to develop bespoke software applications specific to your target audience, then please contact us now. We'll use our tried and tested approach, to ensure we deliver solutions that meet your precise requirements and yield the greatest return on investment.


App Development


experienced app development essexLooking for an ios, android or windows phone app? We can sit down with you and plan out exactly how you want your app to function and look. Whereas websites were once the mainstay of a businesses branding and presence. In recent years customers have started to come to expect all businesses large and small to have an app that tells a story about that businesses. Whether it's a custom app for a beauty salon that incorporates the branding for that establishment coupled with an in app booking system to a large corporation that is looking for gamification to increase employee excitement, tell us what you require and we will get to work.


Software Development


complete software development essexSoftware development can take many form from web software encompassing languages such as PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Python & ASP.NET to desktop based programming languages such as C++, C# JAVA. It all depends on what tasks you would like your bespoke software package to tackle. Each business problem will be different and require a different a different solution. We aim to find that business process that is costly/repetitive and allow software to take the straign and in the long term save you money. Get in touch and lets see what areas of your business need streamlining with software development.


SEO/Social Media Marketing


exceptional seo and social media marketing essex

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is without doubt one of the most cost effective, important and powerful tools used in marketing for generating high volumes of quality and targeted traffic to your website. If you want your company to succeed online and in general, optimising your site for search engines is vital becuase if no one can find you how will they know you exist?

At Appsolon, we are passionate about what we do and we believe that in order to achieve the best possible SEO results for our clients, is fundamental to work closely throughout the entire SEO services process by informing, inspiring and educating in all the areas we work within.


If you answered ”I don’t know” or “No” to one or most of these questions we can help you and your business optimise your website to generate traffic for you. Traffic is essential to your success, let us help.


Responsive Web Design


complete software development essexThe growth in mobile smart phones, tablets, phablets the list goes on and on, has been explosive ever since Apple launched the original iphone in 2007. Year on year since then there has been growth in smart phone usage and we are seeing it here also, almost 55% of our website visitors are using a smart phone or tablet to interact with our website.

It is essential to have a mobile optimised website these days to future proof yourself against new devices coming out all the time, a website that scales beautifully on every device is something your customers expect now. We can transform your existing website to be mobile friendly through responsive web design (RWD).


WordPress Development


exceptional seo and social media marketing essex

WordPress is the #1 most used website CMS (content management system) in the world. Whilst being incredibly powerful and feature-rich, WordPress is also very simple to use. The interface is similar to Microsoft Word, so anyone can pick it up quickly, allowing you to take full control of your website!

For our clients, we have made our own customisations to simplify the WordPress interface further and we even provide our own Primary Image tutorial videos to get you started.WordPress is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. Loved by search engines, website owners and visitors alike, this advanced platform will ensure that your website works hard for you.

We are flexible to your needs! Call on us to help you.


Video Production/Animations


complete software development essexWhy add video to your website? Because web video is incredibly popular: YouTube alone gets 1 billion unique users per month, and as a commercial tool, video is hugely powerful, because people love it. And video production costs less than you think. When creating Web video production, our team takes the time to get it right. We ensure that we fully understand your objectives before the project begins and we consult with you throughout the creation process so that the end product is the perfect representation of your business online.

Statistics have shown that 78% of people prefer to watch video on your website to explain what services you are offering rather than have to read mountains and mountains of boring text. Google LOVES video also and your website will have an advantage over the competition as your page rank will increase.


Virtual Assistant/BPO


exceptional seo and social media marketing essex

Hiring Appsolon as a virtual assistant is a great way to outsource business tasks such as administrative to technical, from social media to SEO, and from marketing to research. A wide variety of businesses take advantage of virtual assistants – even from the real estate through the legal and banking sectors. By outsourcing virtual help, you business businesses does not have to worry about taxes or paying benefits such as maternity leave or holiday cover.

You may not need someone full-time or may not want to commit to providing regular part-time work. A virtual assistant is, therefore, also ideal for assistance with one-off projects.